“West of Povljana, by the beach Dubrovnik surrounded by pine forest, you will find lake Segal with muddy sediment. A natural therapeutic agent such as peloid, along with the sun, sea and clean air, is a favourable factor in the preservation and improvement of one’s health and well-being, prevention and curing different illnesses, as well as recovering from them. Therapeutic peloid is ideal for curing degenerative ailments, rheumatic arthritis and skin diseases.

It is often used as a compress for stomach and kidney area in the cases of gastrointestinal illnesses, as well as illnesses of reproductive organs and the urinary system. It is used in the case of rheumatic ailments as a compress and coating for arms, individual joints or groups of large joints and the backbone. Natural mud is considered a good means for detoxification. Find your own place on the beach, on the rocks or under pine trees, and give yourself over to the relaxing and therapeutic effect of beneficial climatic, marine and balneological factors.