Where Dubrovnik settlement ends the first part of the trail begins. It leads along the coast through a grove on the outskirts of which there is a beach. Next to this splendid beach therapeutic mud “Segal” is found. You will come across a door that should be closed. The trail covered with sharp rocks starts to ascend slightly. From the top of the trail beautiful view opens overlooking Košljun bay to the right. Regardless of how difficult this trail is, it is not very long. Spare inner tubes should be brought just in case, since sharp rocks and thorns can easily puncture the tires. Last part of the trail leads alongside pastoral cottages and corrals. The trail ends on the road to Povljana, 1 km away, while 400 m away there is also the trail of “Ptica” in Veliko blato.

» 4 800 m long
» for mountain and trek bicycles
» 0 – 1 700 m an earthen and stoney path
» 1 700 – 4 800 m a macadamized path (sharp stones)
» hight-altitude 16,4 m.

Due to the lack of trees in the vast karst terrain, ovčje nastambe tzv. torovi ili jare. the stone fences are their only shelter from steamy summer temperatures. Apart from the dry-stone fences, sheepfolds called “tor” or “jare” might attract your attention. Dry-stone fences are an important landscape element and are part of the Croatian rich cultural heritage.